Downtown Psychotherapy

Hello, I'm Bonnie.

I practice psychotherapy in Downtown Los Angeles. I work with individuals and couples to treat anxiety, depression, self-esteem and relationship concerns.

See below for more information about me and the practice.

Contact: (213) 973-9878 

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About Me

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist based in Downtown Los Angeles. I received my Master's in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and a certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies. I completed training in adolescent and adult psychotherapy at the Center For Individual and Family Counseling and Valley Community Counseling Clinic. I also completed training and volunteering through the Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center. 

I work with individuals and couples who live or work near Downtown Los Angeles who are dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions and relationship issues. I use tools from psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I do this by creating a supportive, non-judgmental, agenda-free space that patients can safely bring their thoughts and feelings into. From there, I compassionately reflect and pay close attention to all that arises in order to help individuals build awareness of what they’re experiencing just beneath the surface. We do this in a variety of ways, including work with dreams, experiences in the body and relationship patterns. While we look to make changes that will last a lifetime, we’ll also look to improve how you feel on a day-to-day basis.  

If you are ready to make a change through psychotherapy and would like to meet, call (213) 973-9878.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #101944, supervised by Dr. Terence Ford, MFT #49861


About the Practice

Life sometimes takes us through periods of great frustration and suffering.

To make it through these times, psychotherapy can help to: 

  • better understand emotional experiences

  • build a capacity to withstand and work through discomfort

  • give a voice to the parts of the self that are asking to be heard

Psychotherapy can bring about shifts that allow for greater self-expression and deeper fulfillment.

People come to psychotherapy for a number of reasons, and many find that it helps to:

  • Build greater self-esteem

  • Create a sense of purpose

  • Deepen self-awareness

  • Unlock creative expression

  • Move from feeling stuck to unstuck

  • Strengthen relationships with self and others

  • Decrease feelings of anxiety

  • Shift feelings of depression

Through attentive listening and emotional connection, I provide a non-judgmental environment where all facets of the self can emerge and be held. With training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and mindfulness, I flexibly work with individuals and couples depending on their needs and goals from moment to moment.

If you are in Downtown Los Angeles and looking to begin psychotherapy to help with any of the above, please give me a call at (213) 973-9878.


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Please call to discuss. I have a limited number of sliding scale appointments available each week.